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Keep Calm...

Keep Calm...

You. Me. No Clothes.

You. Me. No Clothes.

That Devil of Consumerism. <br> Who hides and becomes Rich with Consumerism?


Sometimes you just need a good aim. <br> (To win someone‘s heart).

A good aim.

The Red Kite.

The Red Kite.

Hell's Kitchen - Global Warming Recipe. <br> Multiple lines of scientific evidence show that <br> the climate system is warming.<br> We've to change something.

Hell's Kitchen.

Waiter Waits. <br> Student who prefer (need) to have a temporary job. <br> Just to pay for university fees.

Waiter Waits.

My Father was a Mariachi. <br> About all those children separated from their parents.<br> The American dream is changed.<br> Even people.

My Father was a Mariachi.

Modern Love, Distractions and destruction.

Modern Love.

Hopscotch 2.0. <br> New kids, new games.

Hopscotch 2.0.

Papillon sur mannequin.


Children like clouds. <br> Me too.

Children like clouds.

Age of Social Media. <br> What about the new generation that is growing in the social media era?

Age of Social Media.

Break the glass, before to read news on Social Media

Fake News.

The Stargate. <br> Remember to protect your children from the dark side of internet.

The Stargate.

The Butterfly-Effect.  <br>Even a delicate beating of butterfly wings can trigger a hurricane.

The Butterfly-Effect.

Wi-Fireworks. <br>Happy new Year Online. <br>How many people online ... <br>... at the time of the countdown?

Wi-Fireworks - Online.

Sister.  <br>Just a sister.


December 2019. Current Mood

December 2019.

The Mountain like a Woman.

Like a Woman.

Call center Calls earth. <br> When Paul was a child, <br>he wanted to become an astronaut and go to the MOON. <br> Now Paul works in a call center, <br>but only in the AFTERNOON. <br> Something went wrong.

Call center calls Earth.

Calle de los Suenos.

Calle del los ...

Social Media Summer.

Social Media Summer.

At Chrstmas we are all better (maybe). <br> But... what about all the other days of the year?

All good people.

Play with me, Dad. <br> Is this the modern way of being a parent?

Play with me.

Take care of yourself.

Take Care.

How to be a Good Boy.

How to be.

Switch ON your personal Moon. <br> To conquer your PERSONAL moon you must be BRAVE, CREATIVE and completely CRAZY.

Switch ON.

New Religion.

New Religion.

Do you want a heart, Georgie? <br> Inspired by the movie IT. <br> Infinite likes and hearts. <br> I'll follow you if you follow me. <br> So many traps on instagram: #bot, #follow4follow, #like4like and automatic #comments, but ... <br> Why? Is this interaction?

Do u want a heart?.

Brexit - A very expensive Cup of Tea for the UK.


Make American Great Again.


Enjoy your vegetables. <br>Don't your kids eat vegetables? <br> Try turning the problem into a GAME for them.

Hating vegetables.

Is this glass half full or half empty?.

Half full. Half empty.

Suggestive Suggestions.

Suggestive suggestions.

Dangerous SHITHOLE (whit a big red BUTTON).

The Big Red Button.

Rtump Ctrl + Alt-Right (?).


Merry Crisis 2017.

Merry Crisis.

Like Sardines.

Like Sardines.

Home Beach - Summer without Holidays.

Home Beach.

Summer Photo Olympics - Facebook 2018.

Summer Photo Olympics.

SushEGO Restaurant.


Don't touch Her! Personal tribute to the International Day for Combating Violence against Women

Don't touch her.

Playing (in the) Clair de Lune. <br> My personal tribute to Claude Debussy.

Claire de Lune.

Il Veglione.


Virtual zzZzZzex. <br> Bees and Flowers 2.0.

Virtual zzZzZzex.

Italy 2018 - Facebook or RACEbook?


Inside the Big Fish. <br>Today Pinocchio would not find Geppetto, but a pile of Plastic.

Inside the Big Fish.

Is Wi-Fi FREE? <br> Prisoners.


Never STOP before reaching the TOP.

Never Stop.

Italian Election.

Italian Election.

The Mask.

The Mask.

Haters, like pigeons, flying above us. <br> They continue to flutter over our heads. <br>They watch us. <br> They vent their anger on us. <br> They are the #haters and the social networks are their flying field.


Fixed Love. <br> Can you repair love after it has been torn?

Fixed Love.

Orange Beach.

Orange Beach.

Women's Equality.<br> What else should women do to be considered EQUAL to men? <br> Nothing. <br> Simply: men must change their mind.

Women's Equality.

Amsterdam - Parking for superheroes.

Parking for Superheroes.

Two Babies Playing.

2 Babies Playing.

Back to the Memories.

Back to the memories.



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